Carman’s & One Girl…Introducing our New Partnership

We all live under the same stars and moon, yet sadly we don’t all have the same opportunities. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that I have been afforded and I want the same for others; especially for girls born into poverty who often have so many barriers and obstacles.

I’ve always believed that when you educate a girl, you can change her world. Through hard work and education, I’ve achieved my dream of running a successful business. I’m one girl that wants the same opportunity for every girl in the world.

But can you believe that around the world there are more than 60 million girls who are being denied an opportunity to achieve their full potential, simply because they were born a girl? That there are over 60 million girls who are not in school? Imagine if you could help educate and change the life of just one girl? Well now you can, through our exciting new partnership with One Girl.


Like Carman’s, One Girl believes in the power of educating, and therefore empowering, girls. They’re a small team making a big difference in some of the most challenging places in the world to be born a girl; Sierra Leone and Uganda. Here’s why:

  • Up to 40% of girls are forced into child marriage.
  • Almost 50% of female youth (15-24 years old) in Sierra Leone are illiterate.
  • 2 in 3 girls in Sierra Leone do not attend high school and in Uganda, it’s 4 in 5.
  • Without an education a girl can be kept in the cycle of poverty, and struggle to earn an income or look after herself and her family.

One Girl’s attitude is that it all starts with one girl. They run scholarship programs to keep girls in school, and also coordinate programs such as Business Brains that equip girls with tools to turn their education into a sustainable small business with financial literacy skills. That support after graduation helps create long term impact for not only the girls, but for their communities and families as well.



The Carman’s Crew is participating in Do It In A Dress, a fun and quirky fundraising campaign run by One Girl every year. We’ll be doing a challenge wearing school dresses and raising money so that girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda can be educated and have the chance to wear a school dress of their own. Here’s how your donations can help…

  • $300 can give one girl access to education for a whole year
  • $100 can provide Business Brains training for one girl
  • $55 can buy one girl her school uniform, shoes and school bag
  • $30 can buy one girl exercise books and a calculator


If you’re as passionate about educating and empowering girls as we are, please donate to the Carman’s Do It In A Dress fundraising page here. The best part? If you donate on Wednesday 4th October from 8:00am onwards, we will gratefully match all donations DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR! (up to a total of $25,000)

You can also participate in Do It In A Dress by creating a team with your family, friends or colleagues, or simply donate. While the main month is October, the Do It In A Dress campaign can be participated in year round.

Do It In A Dress has already raised an incredible $164,176 in its first 6 weeks which is enough to educate 547 girls! Let’s keep that number climbing!

One Girl also have an online shop where you can purchase a range of beautiful products, gifts and cards that all raise funds for their girls’ education programs. It’s perfect place to buy a present that makes a difference…plus you’ll never be stuck for ideas again for that person that has everything! Browse the One Girl online shop here.

With your help, the Carman’s team hope to build on each of the One Girl programs; from additional Scholarships and the LaunchPad program, to School Awesomisation projects and especially Business Brains.

Yours in gratitude,


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