We’re proud of everything that we put into our products, and you should know that goes for our business practices too.

OUR goals:

  • Increase sustainability transparency, reporting and accountability through B-Corp certification
  • Educate and empower our people and partners to take sustainability action in everything we do
  • Promote employee health, safety, wellbeing, diversity and equity through positive employee relations and engagement

B-Corp certification

B-Corp is the global gold standard when it comes to sustainability accreditation, and at Carman’s, we’re committed to achieving B-Corp certification by 2025. This means increasing our transparency, reporting and accountability when it comes to our social and environmental impact.


Sustainability impact and action

We promise to ensure our sustainability impact is considered in all aspects of our business – including ethics, environment, labour standards, diversity, inclusion, transparency and ethical trading. Because we believe there’s no compromise when it comes to care.