As a company that creates amazing things from nature, you can be sure Carman’s is committed to protecting our planet.

OUR goals:

  • 100% of our packaging to be recyclable by 2025, with a preference for kerbside recyclable where possible
  • We’re working towards net zero carbon emissions

Recyclable Packaging

Carman’s has been a proud member of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO) since 2010. And by 2025, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable – proudly meeting the APCO 2025 target.

All of our retail boxes and retail display boxes are made and printed in Australia, and are 100% kerbside recyclable. Our cardboard packaging is made using 80-90% of recycled material. We’re passionate about doing even better, and look forward to sharing our progress on using recyclable materials for our plastic packaging with you soon.


Towards net zero

Our commitment to the highest standards of care goes well beyond the kitchen. That’s why we’re also working towards achieving net zero emissions.

It’s a big commitment, and one we want to ensure we get right! So we’re currently working to calculate our emissions, understand the carbon footprint throughout our supply chain, and set goals for reducing our impact.


Carman’s Trees for Bees

We care about every little thing that goes into our products, and bees play an essential role in helping us do this. They pollinate most of the crops we eat, including the delicious nuts, grains, seeds and fruit we use in our recipes. But bee populations are dying at an alarming rate worldwide – causing a serious risk to our food security, ecosystem health and supply chains.

Our bees need more trees. So, as part of our dedication to supporting Australian communities, suppliers and partners, and our commitment to a sustainable supply chain, Carman’s has partnered with the Wheen Bee Foundation to develop the Carman’s Trees for Bees program.