Care for the Community

Our purpose is to create delight every day. We believe that when you have the right attitude anything can be achieved and we’re passionate about working with likeminded partners that care for our communities, as well as participating in events that are aligned with our values.

Breast Cancer Network Australia

We are so privileged to run the annual Carman’s Fun Run, in support of Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA.)

Whether you walk, run or just have fun, the Carman’s Fun Run is about getting together with the special ladies in your life and having a great day. This is truly an amazing event to support a cause that is close to so many hearts and help BCNA continue to support affected women and men through their tremendous work.

BCNA helps to make a huge difference to those diagnosed with breast cancer and their families by providing the very best information, support and care. If you or someone you know needs support, link in with BCNA here.

Australian Bushfire Outreach

The bushfires of the summer of 2019 and 2020 had us all searching for any which way we could assist. Thanks to our already strong community partners, we were able to work with some of the below organisations and assist in provide Carman’s products to help feed those helping fight the fires as well as members of our community who were affected by the fires:


It’s a largely a hidden social problem that there is a hunger problem in Australia. Each year two million people rely on food relief; around half of them are children. That’s 1 in every 10 Australians in need.

Foodbank acts as a pantry to the charities and community groups who feed the hungry. They rescue surplus food and groceries from the country’s farmers, manufacturers and retailers which include product that is out of specification, close to date code, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging, as well as excess stock and deleted lines. Without Foodbank much of this food would simply go to landfill.

Since working with Foodbank, Carman’s has been honoured to be able to donate over 3,000 kilograms of food; the equivalent of more than 6,000 meals for those in need across Victoria.

Front Line Response

As our front liners were faced with COVID19, Carman’s was able to work with several hospitals and community groups who assisted us in getting over 300 cartons of product to the amazing men and women who were in the frontline of the pandemic. This included Traditional Muesli Bars, Nut Bars, Protein Bars, Muesli Bites, Oat Slices, Aussie Oat Bars, Porridge and Muesli.


For over three years, Carman’s has been working with the amazing team at Eat-Up who help provide lunches for hungry kids all around Australia. This year more than ever Eat-Up required product donations to help feed those families who were significantly affected by COVID, especially in Victoria who saw lengthy school shutdowns. We are thrilled to have been to provide Eat-Up with just shy of 30,000 Apricot Bites and over 1,000 of our delicious Aussie Oat Bars. The team at Eat-Up were able to distribute these to schools and provide struggling families with pantry boxes.

Koala Kids

The team at Koala Kids work hard every day on giving kids fighting cancer a reason to smile. We love playing a small part of their amazing work by providing families access to our Oat Slices, Aussie Oat Bars and providing breakfast with our delicious porridge sachets.

To learn more about Koala Kids and how you can support, head to: