I can’t find one of your products – where can I buy it?

We have a Where to Buy function on our website which will list stores in your vicinity that sell the product that you’re after. Simply enter your postcode and select the product you’re looking for. If you still can’t find out, please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@carmanskitchen.com.au.

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I can't find my favourite product anymore?

All current and available Carman’s products are listed on our website. If your favourite is still on the website but you can’t find it in store, we suggest using our Where to Buy function, as occasionally the places where we stock a particular item can change. From time to time, products are permanently discontinued, which is not an easy decision and often out of our hands. We are always happy to recommend an alternative, so if your favourite is no longer available, please feel free to contact us at hello@carmanskitchen.com.au and we’ll let you know what similar products you may enjoy.

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Can I purchase Carman's products online?

Carman’s does not have an online store right now, however you can shop the range on Amazon, Coles or Woolworths.

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I am a retailer - do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we supply many Wholesalers/Distributors. To find out more, visit our wholesale page.

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Where can I purchase Carman’s products overseas?

We export our products to over 35 countries. For more information, please feel free to email hello@carmanskitchen.com.au along with your location and we’ll do our best to find a local retailer.

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Are there any additives or artificial colours in Carman’s products?

At Carman’s we pride ourselves on making a range of delicious products using the most wholesome, real ingredients available.  We aim to use natural ingredients whenever possible in our products.

Few Carman’s products contain food additives and are included only when necessary to ensure the food remains in a good condition throughout its journey from the factory to your pantry.

Carman’s Muesli Bars that feature chocolate contain Emulsifier – Soy Lecithin (322) within the drizzle. This allows the oil and water emulsions to mix and prevent them from separating into layers.

Carman’s Greek Style Yoghurt Fruit & Nut Muesli Bars, Greek Style Yoghurt Blueberry Nut Bars and Greek Style Yoghurt Protein Bars contain Food Acid 330 (also called citric acid), which is an acidity regulator and antioxidant. This helps to maintain a constant acid level to prevent the yoghurt drizzle from deteriorating.

Emulsifier 471 is in Carman’s Deluxe Fruit Muesli and Gluten Free Almond & Maple Muesli. Emulsifier 471 is mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids produced from vegetable oils. These act to maintain oil and water emulsions so that they do not separate into layers.

Antioxidant E307b is in Deluxe Fruit Muesli, Gluten Free Almond & Maple Muesli and Gluten Free Cranberry, Honey & Cinnamon Muesli Bars, Cranberry & Apple Clusters and Honey Roasted Nut Clusters. Antioxidant E307b is a tocopherols concentrate. The role of this antioxidant is to prevent the deterioration of foods caused by oxidation.

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Do any Carman’s products contain palm oil?

Like many of our consumers, we care deeply about the environmental threat caused by deforestation and are committed to limiting our use of palm oil. Only products that have a yoghurt or choc compound drizzled on them contain palm oil and all of this is certified sustainable through Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. RSPO certification is a global initiative and assurance to the consumer that the palm oil sold is sustainable. If you would like to learn more about RSPO Palm Oil, please refer to the RSPO website https://www.rspo.org/

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How much sugar is in Carman’s products?

All Carman’s products feature a nutritional information panel which contains the full amount of sugar in the product. Please note that it does not separate the naturally occurring sugar that is present in ingredients (for example fruit) from added sugar. To find out the amount of sugar in a product, visit our individual product pages.

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Why is glucose added to the bars if they already contain honey or golden syrup?

Glucose is used in our bars to keep them intact as honey alone will not keep the bar from breaking up.

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What is glucose and is it the same as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?

Carman’s uses New Zealand glucose syrup, which is not the same as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Glucose syrup starts out as corn-starch which is then chemically or enzymatically degraded to glucose and short polymers of glucose. New Zealand glucose syrup is developed only in this two-stage process. To make HFCS, a third step of processing is required, where another enzyme would be used to convert some of the glucose to fructose. Carman’s is aware of the poor health outcomes associated with high consumption of HFCS which is why we choose not to use this ingredient in any of our products.

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Why have you replaced honey with golden syrup in some of your products?

We are constantly improving our recipes based on consumer feedback and in some of our products we have replaced honey with golden syrup. Those following a low FODMAP diet struggle to digest some molecules such as fructose in honey, thus golden syrup has been used, which is easier to consume and digest. This has also made some products vegan friendly.

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Do Carman’s products contain any genetically modified (GM) ingredients?

Genetically modified ingredients refer to the genetics of plants/animals that have been manipulated. In the Carman’s range, we use the most wholesome ingredients and therefore our recipes do not contain any GM ingredients. A few of our products contain soy. The soy we use is not genetically modified, however there may be potential for cross contact due to shared facilities, hence we cannot make the 100% GM-free claim across our range.

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Do Carman’s products contain folate?

The only ingredient that is required to contain folic acid in Australia is flour, so all wheat flour is fortified to meet the Food Standards. As we do not fortify any ingredients, only products containing wheat flour contain folic acid.

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Do you have an organic range of products?

We do not use any organic ingredients in our products.

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Which countries do you source your ingredients from?

We go to great lengths to source local Australian ingredients, however sometimes due to seasonal availability and the challenge of finding commercial quantities locally we may need to find ingredients overseas.  When sourcing ingredients overseas we only use reputable suppliers, who have a track record for quality manufacturing practices, validated through testing with set product specifications the supplier must meet.  We also try to source from countries where the ingredient is natively grown and where possible, if there is an environmental or social concern regarding a specific ingredient, we will ensure we are using a sustainable source.

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Are any of your products suitable for people with nut allergies or schools that don’t allow nuts?

We have a range of products that do not contain nuts. However, these items are produced in an environment where products containing nuts are also manufactured.  Despite a thorough cleaning process on the production line between the making of each product, there is always a chance of cross-contamination. All products have a ’may contains’ statement on the pack, which indicates this.  We are unable to 100% guarantee that there are no possible traces of nuts.  If you are unsure whether our recipes with no added nuts are suitable for you, we would recommend speaking with your health care professional first.

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What does the ‘may contain’ on the packaging mean?

Some food labels state ‘may contain’ certain allergens, for example ‘may contain nuts/dairy/sesame.’ While these ingredients are not part of the recipe, they are produced in an environment where products containing these ingredients are manufactured. Despite a thorough cleaning process on the production line between the making of each product, there is a possibility of cross-contamination. The ‘may contains’ statement indicates the potential for cross contact with traces of nuts or other allergen ingredients to occur due to shared equipment. We are unable to 100% guarantee that there are no possible traces of these allergens and any others listed on the ‘may contains’ statement.

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Which Carman’s products are gluten free?

We have a large range of products that are gluten free! Here’s the list: https://www.carmanskitchen.com.au/our-products/?diet=gluten-free

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How do you claim your products are gluten free?

While all of our gluten free products are currently manufactured in the same facilities as gluten-containing products, we can ensure there is no cross-contamination during the manufacturing process through a full allergen wash of all machinery and utensils before the production line commences. This is further verified by allergen testing performed to confirm there is no gluten detected.

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Which Carman’s products are low GI?

Glycemic Index (GI) refers to how the carbohydrates in foods we consume affect blood glucose levels in our body. Those with a value of 55 (or less) cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose levels as the foods are slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised. Our low GI range can be found here: https://www.carmanskitchen.com.au/our-products/?diet=low-gi

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Which products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Nearly all Carman’s products are suitable for vegetarians that include dairy in their diet. The only exception to this is our Limited Edition Violet Crumble Protein Bar. Some of our products contain honey and dairy and therefore are not suitable for those following a vegan diet. For a current list of our vegan products, simply click on this link:   https://www.carmanskitchen.com.au/our-products?diet=vegan

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Health Star Rating

At Carman’s we pride ourselves on making a range of delicious products using the most wholesome, real ingredients available – just like you would make yourself at home. We aim to use natural ingredients and are always transparent with our labeling, so shoppers can make the best possible choices for themselves and their families. The health star rating is a labelling system that rates the overall nutritional profile of foods, allowing consumers to compare similar products. The lower the rating, the more risk nutrients used (such as saturated fat, sodium, salt and sugars), however a higher rating results in more positive nutrients incorporated into the recipe; including dietary fibre, protein and the proportion of fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Carman’s intends to roll out the health star rating system across its entire range in line with mandatory requirements. At Carman’s, we believe the nutritional panel and clear ingredient labeling is still the best way for consumers to make an informed decision.

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Country of Origin labelling

The Australian government has introduced a mandatory food-labelling requirement, making it clearer where the products you purchase are produced, grown, made or packed. From this label, information such as the percentage of ingredients that come from Australia will be easily identified.

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Why are Carman’s products Halal & Kosher certified?

Carman’s is a proudly Australian business, with all our manufacturing based in Australia. Over the past 28 years, we have grown significantly and now export to many countries around the world. We also supply to international airlines and in order to meet the needs of customers in this market, some products must be Kosher and/or Halal certified. Having these certifications enables us to export large volumes of our product, in turn supporting the jobs and security of our employees, as well as supporting the Australian economy in general.

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Is your packaging recyclable?

Due to several unforeseen challenges, Australia’s REDcycle’s recycling partners have temporarily stopped accepting and processing soft plastics. As a result, REDcycle has made the decision to stop its soft plastics collection program from 9 November 2022.

All our outer shippers used to transport Carman’s product to supermarket and our retail boxes are still recyclable at household kerbside recycling bins. However, our soft plastic packaging carrying the REDcycle logo and an Australasian Recycling Label showing the packaging as conditionally recyclable is currently not recyclable.

Supermarket stores are unable to provide the collection service at this stage; we request that customers dispose soft plastic with “return to store” ARL logo in the garbage bin at home until a soft plastic recycling solution is available. We are disappointed by this situation and sincerely apologise to our customers.

A very small number of councils are currently trialling soft plastic recycling through the council kerbside collection system. Contact your local council to find out whether your household currently has access to soft plastic recycling.

Carman’s is committed to supporting the work being undertaken within the recycling industry, the government and the future of soft plastic recycling to provide a better solution. We hope the industry will be able to resolve this issue and the collection will be back up and running soon.

For more information see the REDcycle website here.

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What are you doing to reduce packaging?

As signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant we are actively working on developing alternative packaging solutions that are more environmentally friendly. To date, we have developed value packs of selected mueslis and porridges, which means you can choose to buy sachet-free options. Our goal is to be at the forefront of sustainable packaging – stay tuned for more on how we’re making this happen!

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Where are Carman’s products manufactured?

Carman’s is a proudly Australian, family-owned business and all of our manufacturing is based in Australia.

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Who owns Carman’s?

Carolyn Creswell founded Carman’s in 1992 at just 18 years old and more than 30 years later, remains the sole owner. Carolyn has become one of Australia’s most recognised faces in business and Carman’s is one of Australia’s most popular breakfast and nutritional snacking brands. Learn more about Carolyn’s remarkable story: https://www.carmanskitchen.com.au/our-story/carolyn-creswell/

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Do you send out samples?

We do not send out samples upon request, however, we occasionally run giveaways through our social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarmansKitchen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carmanskitchen/

You can also subscribe to Carman’s Family to be the first to know about any exciting future giveaways and sampling offers: https://www.carmanskitchen.com.au/join-our-family

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Can you provide some tips on how to prepare and serve Carman’s products?

The most popular way to serve our toasted muesli, clusters or granola is cold, with your favourite variety of milk and/or yoghurt. Natural muesli can also be enjoyed with milk or yoghurt, but many people love making Bircher. Porridge is best enjoyed warm with milk or water and instructions for this can be found on the pack and sachet. All of our breakfast products can be made more magnificent with fresh or frozen fruit, nuts and seeds. Our clusters are also a great snack on the run or when you’re peckish! Visit our recipe page for more ideas https://www.carmanskitchen.com.au/our-recipes/

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Can’t find the answer to your question?

Send us an email with your question to hello@carmanskitchen.com.au and we’ll be in touch soon.

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