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Cereal: is there a breakfast option that is more convenient, more instant, than a bowl of ready-to-eat cereal? But there can often be a question of how good they really are for you and how much sugar has been added. It’s challenging to find a cereal recipe that actively supports digestive wellness without sacrificing taste, and still remains an everyday affordable product. At Carman’s, we tasked ourselves with creating a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal that was quick to prepare, nutritious and irresistibly delicious just as it is. A pantry staple with variety and substance, tasty enough for the whole family to enjoy (even the kids!).

“Mornings are already stressful enough, which is why it was important for us to develop a cereal that ensured every bowl was packed with nourishing ingredients,” says Carolyn Creswell, Founder of Carman’s Kitchen.Carman’s cereal range was a true labour of love, with the creation of our own signature flake being one of the more time-consuming aspects of this range.”

This crispy signature flake in this healthy cereal features a custom combination of whole grains, quinoa and psyllium, enriched with iron and vitamins. By combining Australian oats and bran straws, all three flavours deliver an excellent source of fibre, 7g per 45g serve .

In addition, an important objective was to keep added sugar at a minimum.

“We know that high-sugar cereals contribute to elevated blood sugar levels, often leading us to feel hungry again well before lunch and craving something else sweet,” says Madeleine Borg, Carman’s Nutritionist Specialist. “This can often be the beginning of a vicious cycle of cravings that lasts throughout the day. We also know that these large fluctuations can contribute to poor focus and productivity.” Two of the cereals in this cereal range are low sugar and our Sultana and Cinnamon Cereal contains 30% less sugar than the leading sultana cereal in grocery stores.

 All of Carman’s cereal recipes boast a 5 health star rating.

Now available at Coles and at Woolworths from 14 March 2022.

Carman's cereal

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