Mood Boosting Breakfasts

It seems that every week we learn more about how significant the link between our gut and brain is. From immunity to general health and wellbeing, this link plays a key role in keeping us healthy and our bodies functioning to the best of their abilities. But when it comes to the gut-brain link, the role in our wellbeing doesn’t end there; more and more research is consistently suggesting that what we eat can play a huge role in how we feel, with poor diet being linked to an increased risk of poor mental health. And with over half of the Australian population likely to experience poor mental health in their lifetime, making some simple changes to our diets to boost our moods seems like an important step to take!

Research shows that there are strong connections between a fibre rich, Mediterranean-style diet and positive (even improved) mental health outcomes. Focusing on whole foods, this means including a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds in our meals each day; we’re aiming for foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids – to promote good brain health, B group vitamins, and vitamin D – for optimal brain function. In addition to this, if we focus on foods that optimise gut health (check out our article on gut microbiota to find out how) we can help promote serotonin production and get those happy hormones flowing!

So how can we kick-start our day to get us off on a positive and happy note? Here are our top tips for a yummy mood boosting breakfast;

Try our Bircher Muesli soaked over-night in kefir (dairy for B group vitamins and vitamin D, as well as some great probiotics), top it with your favourite fruit – we love strawberries, blueberries and banana – and a mix of nuts and seeds.

Porridge is always a winner, and there’s so many ways to get creative:

Or mix it up and try a savoury porridge; a great way to get some extra veg in to start your day! Our Pumpkin Porridge is super tasty and made using our 5 Grain & Seed Porridge, so it’s packed with wholegrains, a good source of fibre and – when topped with flaxseeds and linseeds – adds some great omega 3 fatty acids to your day.

As we head into summer everyone loves a smoothie bowl! The options are endless and they provide a great way to mix up the fruits and veg we’re getting in each day, such as in this Avocado & Mint Smoothie Bowl. You can add in some yoghurt or kefir for an extra probiotic hit, then top with our 5 Grain & Seed Granola for an excellent source of fibre and a mix of nuts and seeds.