7 ways to use Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds

Hummus & Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds

If you crave something savoury and satisfying, Carman’s Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds are the moreish answer you’ve been looking for. This wholesome, plant-based mix of roasted corn kernels, sunflower seeds, pepitas and seasoning is a plant-based protein boost you can nibble on any time of the day.

Our Super Seeds aren’t just good on their own — they’re also a versatile addition to salads, dips or stir-fries for some serious crunch-factor!

Here are 7 ways to devour this scrumptious Super Seed mix:

  • Hummus: Why do we love hummus so much? Besides it’s delicious flavour and creamy texture, ‘hummus is a great source of plant-protein and other nutrients, like magnesium, iron, and fiber’, according to Carman’s in-house dietitian. Carman’s Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds are the perfect topping to add a bit of crunch and spice to homemade or store-bought hummus.
  • Guacamole: The hit of chilli and spice in the Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds is the perfect match for topping a zesty, fresh guacamole recipe.
  • Soups: The perfect way to add a bit of crunch to a scrumptious, warming bowl of soup. Super Seeds would be tasty on a Mexican Roasted Sweet Potato Soup, served with a side of tortilla chips to dip and soak up the deliciousness. Or perhaps a creamy, pumpkin or classic tomato soup.
  • Loaves: A mouth-watering addition to a pumpkin and zucchini loaf, cooled and sliced then spread with goat cheese and sprinkled with Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Elevate your favourite roasted vegetables by drizzling on some Greek yoghurt, tahini or Chimichurri and sprinkling on some corn and seeds.
Roasted Vegetables and Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds
  • Stir-fries: Instead of adding traditional stir-fry toppings like crispy shallots, fried noodles or peanuts, why not give Super Seeds a try?

We would love to know some of your favourite ways you’ve been snacking on our Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds! Tag us on Instagram @carmanskitchen so we can see you creations in all their glory.

Carman’s Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds are available in a 10 pack containing 60g sachets with 2 individual portions per serve, meaning your seeds stay super fresh.