We’re delivering to the dietary needs of Australians!

When it comes to dietary needs, every single one of us is different! Australians are a diverse bunch and we’re all looking for different things when it comes to what we eat each day. Whether it be products to promote digestive wellbeing, food allergies and intolerances, or you’re looking to hit specific nutrient needs, it’s important to us that our wide range of delicious breakfast and snack options cater to all the different dietary requirements of our beloved consumers.  

So from families trying to feed hungry teens; those catering for food allergies and intolerances; through to our consumers who are seeking out food-based ways to help lower blood cholesterol or glucose levels, you can trust we have you covered! 


Gluten Free

Carman’s have had a range of gluten free options for more than 20 years, with our Fruit & Nut Crispy Deluxe Muesli just one of a number of gluten free products in our range. We’ve expanded on this range over the years, and now proudly offer loads of gluten free options in our breakfast and nutritious snacks ranges. Explore our Gluten Free range here.



Dealing with the symptoms of IBS on a daily basis can be really challenging for many Australians – it’s estimated that over 30% of our population have been diagnosed with IBS or related conditions! It can be tricky to find wholegrain cereal-based foods that do not irritate an already irritated gut! To help make finding suitable products easier, Carman’s has a range of products which are Monash University Low FODMAP™ – so you can trust you can enjoy delicious mueslis and protein-packed bars without having to worry about an upset tummy! Check out our Low FODMAP range here.


The Power of Plants

Plant-based foods are one of the fastest growing ranges in supermarkets, with more and more Aussies looking for ways to fuel their diets with the power of plants! 

We’re excited to have a variety of plant-based options across our breakfast and snack ranges to meet the needs of our vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers, and everyone in between! Enjoy our Vegan options here.


Digestive Health 

The more we learn about the health of the digestive system, the more we come to understand the enormous role it plays in influencing our overall health and wellbeing. Consuming good quality dietary fibre on a daily basis from a nutritious breakfast cereal is one of the easiest ways to nourish the gut, and with a growing range of breakfast options that contain upwards of 5g of dietary fibre per serve, you can’t go wrong by starting your day with a bowl of Carman’s each morning. 


Functional Nutrition 

Whether you want to lower your cholesterol naturally, or are specifically interested in eating low sugar or low carb, we’ve got a range of functional products designed to help you reach your diet and health goals. We’re big on getting the good stuff in and the wholegrains, nuts and seeds in our products pack a real punch – but we’re not stopping there! From the added benefits of plant sterols, the super powers of probiotics and the goodness of added fibre and protein there’s something in our range to ensure every Aussie is feeling their best every day!


Lunchbox Friendly

Packing a school lunch that is not only nutritious but child and school friendly can be tricky at the best of times! But the good news is we get it! Our ranges of Aussie Oat Bars and our 100% natural Fruit Straps are lunchbox friendly snacks the kids will love, that are so tasty they won’t even realise they’re good for them too! Find your new family faves here.


Low Sugar

Sugar’s a tough one!! We all want to enjoy delicious products, but we know we need to be conscious of how much sugar we eat each day. While our priority is creating products that are irresistibly delicious, we’re also conscious of the amount of sugar in our products. We’re proud that over 85% of our entire product range meets national targets to drive sugar reduction in the foods Aussie’s are eating! We’ve got a range of products that are low in sugar and some that go as far as having no added sugars, so you can be sure every time you enjoy a Carman’s product it’s delicious AND nutritious! Explore our Low Sugar options here.