Update to REDcycle Soft Plastic Recycling Program

Due to several unforeseen challenges, Australia’s REDcycle’s recycling partners have temporarily stopped accepting and processing soft plastics. As a result, REDcycle has made the decision to stop its soft plastics collection program from 9 November 2022.

All our outer shippers used to transport Carman’s product to supermarket and our retail boxes are still recyclable at household kerbside recycling bins. However, our soft plastic packaging carrying the REDcycle logo and an Australasian Recycling Label showing the packaging as conditionally recyclable is currently not recyclable.

Supermarket stores are unable to provide the collection service at this stage; we request that customers dispose soft plastic with “return to store” ARL logo in the garbage bin at home until a soft plastic recycling solution is available. We are disappointed by this situation and sincerely apologise to our customers.

A very small number of councils are currently trialling soft plastic recycling through the council kerbside collection system. Contact your local council to find out whether your household currently has access to soft plastic recycling.

Carman’s is committed to supporting the work being undertaken within the recycling industry, the government and the future of soft plastic recycling to provide a better solution. We hope the industry will be able to resolve this issue and the collection will be back up and running soon.

For more information see the REDcycle website here.