The Power of Super Seeds

There’s no shortage of reasons to include more seeds in our diets. With their distinct flavours and crunchy texture, a sprinkling of seed – raw or toasted – could be all you need to take everyday basic meals from drab to divine. As well as adding a layer of complexity to a meal, all seeds come with their own unique make-up of vitamins and minerals that can help us maintain nutritionally diverse diets, with a high fat and protein content that can also keep us fuller for longer.  Carman’s is no stranger to the mighty seed. This time, the spotlight is on our Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seeds – a blend of sunflower seeds and pepitas, combined with crunchy corn kernels and natural spice mix. Read on to learn more about these amazing seeds…

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds come from the large flower heads of the sunflower plant and have a mild, nutty flavor. We love them for their versatility. They taste wonderful in both sweet and savoury dishes, making them a wonderful edition to anything from breakfast cereal to curries.

  • Vitamin E
    Sunflower seeds are particularly rich in vitamin E, containing even more than almonds. Just one tablespoon of sunflower seeds provides 3mg of vitamin E – over 15% of the recommended daily intake.
  • Protein
    We all need protein to help nourish and grow our muscles and to help us feel satiated after a meal. Lucky for us, sunflower seeds pack a protein punch, composed of nearly 20% protein.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
    Sunflower seeds, like most seeds, are rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats – containing roughly 40g per 100g. These fats are referred to as heart-friendly because they can help lower our LDL (bad) cholesterol. Like protein, they also work to help us feel full and satisfied throughout the day.


From the humble pumpkin, pumpkin seeds or pepitas, are packed full of a diverse range of minerals, nutrients and antioxidants not widely found in any other food. They have a sweet, nutty taste and can be eaten raw, shelled or roasted.

  • Magnesium
    Pepitas are a great natural source of magnesium, which assists in a wide range of vital physiological functions including the pumping of your heart and bowel function.
  • Zinc
    Zinc supports your body in many ways, including eye and skin health, sleep, mood, immunity and insulin regulation. Luckily pepitas are one of the richest natural sources! Pepitas contain 36mg of Vitamin E per 100g.
  • B Vitamins
    Pumpkin seeds are one of the best natural sources of B vitamins. This group of vitamins includes thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and niacin, which helps in the reduction of ‘bad cholesterol’ in the blood.

We want to help make it as easy as possible to incorporate seeds into our diets. Our Chilli Corn Crunch Super Seed mix is the perfect coupling of pepitas, sunflower seeds and delicious crunchy corn kernels.

This scrumptiously zingy mix can be enjoyed so many ways…

  • Jazz up salads by using them as a salad topper
  • Add a unique and hearty garnish to soups
  • Create visual interest on grazing boards by scattering them in spaces or garnishing dips
  • Add them to Asian-style stirfries for added crunch
  • Stir through curries to add an extra layer of nuttiness
  • Sprinkle them on your avo toast as a seasoning

Find them at COSTCO.

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