Quick, energy-boosting lunchbox ideas

Lunchbox possibilities are endless, while time (sadly) is not!
We’ve pulled together some quick ideas to nutritionally boost kids lunchboxes – without them even realising…

Non-offensive Veg

It’s a fact of life that some children just don’t love veggies. Here’s a few ways that you might be able to sneak them in:

  • Hide ingredients that don’t have a strong taste – thinly sliced cucumber, watercress or spinach, for instance – between other ingredients, such as ham and cheese. Sauces, like bolognese, can easily be stacked with vegetables.
  • Use avocado on sandwiches or crackers instead of butter.
  • Give kids a dip option, like tzatziki or hummus, that they can dip carrot or capsicum sticks into. Better yet, create your own veggie-filled dips, such as roasted capsicum or sweet potato.
  • Change up the presentation! Try creating skewers that alternate cubed cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Sneak in Fibre

Fibre, particularly from whole grains, is massively important for growing brains and bodies; but not all carbs are created equal.

  • Try swapping white bread for rye, using wholegrain pitta bread and opting for seed-based crackers.
  • Snacks like popcorn and dried chickpeas are great alternative to chips.
  • When buying packaged snacks, choose an option like Aussie Oat Bars, that are made up of at least 50% whole grains.

Fabulous Fruit

  • Cut up fruit in fun ways, such as in a star shape. If you can involve kids in the process, such a letting them use a melon baller on watermelon, even better.
  • Freezing fruit, such as orange slices, is perfect for summer. For a healthy, after school treat, freeze fruit chunks into icy poles.
  • Eat the rainbow – the more colours, the more nutrients! Fruit salad is a great option.

Vary Protein

Protein comes from lots of places! Think about:

  • Alternatives to meat like chickpeas, Mexican beans (refried beans are excellent for kids) and seeds. Swap pasta for quinoa.
  • Quick options like torn pieces of barbecue chicken and canned tuna.
  • Boiling eggs in advance. They can potentially keep for a few days before you pop them in the lunchbox.
  • Dairy products like cheese and yoghurt.

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