Magnificent Muesli Toppings

Summer is the perfect season for Muesli!  With options to suit every taste, here are some of our flavour-ite fruit toppings:

  • Natural Berry Bircher with coconut yoghurt and blackberry and bay leaf Compote
    Simply stew the bay leaves in blackberries, remove the leaves and stir into the muesli and yoghurt
  • Crispy Deluxe with poached pear, toasted pine nuts and Greek yoghurt
    While poaching the pears, toss the pine nuts in a pan, then scatter over the muesli, pear and yoghurt
  • Original Fruit Free with peach and nectarine salsa and milk
    Cube the peach and nectarine, then toss with finely chopped mint. Stir milk through the muesli, then top with salsa
  • Crispy Deluxe with grilled apricots, vanilla yoghurt and fresh strawberries
    Cut up the strawberries and apricots to the desired size, then grill the apricots on the stove. Serve atop the muesli with milk or yoghurt