Shake Up Your Porridge with Nut Milk

People often think of adding fruit, nuts and to their porridge but have you ever considered trying nut milk?

A nut or grain milk adds a whole new level of yum-spiration to your porridge when it comes to taste. A good alternative for people with allergies and/or intolerances, plant based milks are made with nuts or grains and often additional ingredients are added for texture and taste. So if you’re looking for a way to shake up your porridge, what are your options?

Almond Milk: If you love that nutty flavour, why not try adding almond milk to your porridge? Made using ground almonds and water, almond milk is free of lactose, cholesterol and saturated fat.

Soy Milk: Traditionally made from a mixture of soy beans and water, soy milk is lactose free and a great source of protein. Again it’s especially yummy if you’re looking for something with a nutty taste. Soy milk is not naturally high in calcium like dairy milk, so ensure you look for a brand that is fortified with calcium, especially if using this as a dairy milk replacement.

Oat Milk: What better match for your warm and cosy oats than oat milk? Although oat milk is significantly higher in carbohydrates than dairy milk, for a plant based milk it has a good amount of protein and calcium, as well as being a source of dietary fibre. It is important to note that this is not a gluten free alternative.

Rice Milk: Another of our flavour-ite plant based milks is delicious rice milk. Although it’s a source of calcium, rice milk is lower in protein and is best consumed alongside another milk variety within the diet. Rice milk is also a good option for people who cannot consume dairy, soy or nuts.

Quinoa Milk: Another tasty grain milk to throw in the mix, quinoa milk is similar nutritionally to rice milk, only with a lower carbohydrate content. Quinoa milk is great if you have allergies and/or intolerances to dairy, soy and nuts.

Coconut Milk: A delicious milk made from the juice of a coconut, coconut milk has a deliciously sweet and creamy taste. Due to its very high fat content, we suggest coconut milk only as an occasional addition to your porridge.

Looking for more ways to shake up your porridge? Why not try our stewed rhubarb, caramelised pears and apples or raspberry coulis recipes for a yummy finishing touch.

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